What am I doing here?

Purpose. The word has come so many times in so many areas of my life over the last year that I can’t seem to ignore it anymore. I believe we all have a unique purpose to live out on this earth and if you can find that zone, that area where you are working in your purpose you will feel full. Your heart will be full. You spirit will be full, and your joy will overflow to everyone and everything around you.

Sounds so simple right. Find your purpose, do your purpose and live the good life. If I could put some crying laughing face emoji’s here I would, because it just doesn’t seem to work like that – not for me anyway. Some of you found your passion early and just went for it; nothing could hold you back. You let your passion flow through you and into what you were put on the earth to do. Well….man am I happy for you. You are blessed. But for the other 99% of us, we live in wait of that moment where it all comes together.

Waiting….waiting for the moment where it all comes together. Where all the ducks are in a row. Where I can really take my shot. I think that is my problem – waiting. I have been waiting for 37 years for it to fall into place. Comfortability has its price.

How frustrating and so degrading
His time, we’re wasting
As time will fly by and the sky will cry as light is fading
And he is waiting, oh, so patiently
While we repeat the same routine as we will please comfortability
Yeah, please don’t think about why you can’t sleep in the evening
And please don’t be afraid of what your soul is really thinking

A verse from my kids (and one of my own) favourite bands ‘Twenty One Pilots’. This verse has struck a chord with me, the amount of time I have wasted feeling comfortable or looking for comfortability. But then I reflect on my life and realise that none of my most treasured and awesome experiences came from staying comfortable. None. Zero. You know those people that are not that interesting to talk to? I’ll say it….boring people, we all know em’ – they aren’t that fun to be around, right? Why…because they don’t have any stories to tell. They haven’t gone out on a limb, they haven’t thrown caution to the wind – they kept it safe. They kept it comfortable. I want good stories. Want to be able to look back and say that I took some risks. I want to be able to tell my grand kids (and you, when I see you next!) stories about my adventures – heck my misadventures; they always make the best stories.

Have you ever thought why misadventures make the best stories? It’s because the a risk was taken and something happened. That is what makes a good story, not only a good story, an interesting life! As it happens one such occasion happened to me just this past weekend. It really begins with Hilly and myself starting up our weekly NBA podcast on this very website ‘From the Parking Lot’. We love NBA and we love to talk about it. Passion met purpose and our podcast was born. Well, we had been discussing how to get our name out there for basketball lovers, and the idea of being guest court side announcers at our cities professional basketball team, the Mandurah Magic was thrown out there. Well low and behold a day after us talking about it, we were approached by the Magic to come and be court side announcers. From the Parking Lot was going live!

We were pumped, and arrived well before tip off ready and raring to go. Little did we know that we were also to be the celebrity DJ as well! I thought – thankfully I have my laptop with me *wipes brow*, only to see that my iTunes music had not downloaded to my MacBook……I can’t say I wasn’t a little concerned…..but ingenuity is the mother of invention and I quickly put together a playlist on my phone and plugged it in – all was well. Warmups started, I had some crankin’ beats pumpin – crisis had been averted. Or so I thought. Now I have have played in over 250 SBL games for the Mandurah Magic, so I know how the pre-game warm ups go. Warm up until 5 minutes left on the clock, player names announced (which I killed – if I do say so myself) and then the national anthem. So as I am just getting my DJ skills under control – I proceed to kill the intros – then silence. Silence. 300+ people, all the players, the officials, the towel boys…everyone. Silent. Looking at me. Waiting for the Australian National Anthem to begin. I look left – I look right….no one seemed to be coming forth to sing. ‘Hmmm this is odd’ I thought. Then it began to dawn on me, they are waiting for me. ME! Me to play the song, the song which I don’t have. 300+ people silent. Waiting. My blood began to rise, I feel all the people around me – Hilly included!! – melting into the backgound. Talk about being on an island, I felt like Tom Hanks minus Wilson! Tick Tick Tick – time just keep going by. Silence. Someone whispers to me ‘You’ll have to sing it’ – WHAT! No…NO way! A dude offers up his phone – he has YouTubed it….nope, iPhone 7 no input to plug it in!! Tick Tick Tick…….Silence. Face getting redder and redder. Now let me explain, I don’t get embarrassed easily – I love speaking in public and have been told I enjoy attention a bit; but this was on another level, I was going beetroot red. That’s when I grab my phone, google the anthem – 3G….loading….loading…..I click the first one I see. Relief. Oh no a Maccas Ad….no no no – it’s alright I will silence it during the Ad……nope doesn’t work “McDonalds I’m Lovin’ it” blasts over the speakers. Laughter bursts out from all onlookers as the anthem begins to play. Wow – you know them dream/nightmares where you are on the spot in front of a large audience, yep well it was just like that! Hahaha man what a moment, but…and a big Sir Mix-A-Lot sized BUT an awesome story.

Now look, I love talking in front of people and certainly love basketball – so for me this living out part of my purpose in this world. Does it mean you should jump on stage unprepared so you have a good story… no….well maybe if the mood strikes…but what I mean is that when we break routine – that is when memories are made. Just being willing to do something different, taking that challenge; whether is be great or small…but the greater the challenge the better the story – so I propose giving the great challenges a crack!

Do I think I am living my purpose – is talking about basketball why I was put on this earth? I don’t really know, like I said I am one of the 99% too, but I do know that basketball was put in my DNA for a reason and where it takes me I won’t know…..unless keep busting out of my comfort zone and getting out there. Now having some people who believe in you and your dreams are really important. Teamwork makes the dream work. Get some encouragers in your life. These are usually people who are also willing to give things a go. Finding your tribe is a big step in finding your purpose. So let’s get out there, find some people who will get around us and start living the life we created to live. Who knows I might see you there.

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